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Internet Marketing For Small Businesses

If you’re like most small business owners, you feel the pinch of every expenditure. If you can’t see very conclusively the return-on-investment for any piece of marketing, you’re likely to turn to something that will produce greater results.

Unfortunately most small business entrepreneurs look at the Internet as a place where a large amount of money is spent, but very little is made. In the ever increasing technology driven world, managing a presence online is simply not an option.

At Holistic Visibility, we approach Internet Marketing through a simple 3-step approach:


Step 1 – Website Design & Development

The foundation from which all other Internet Marketing is achieved is through powerful website design and development. Without a great design, consumers are turned off to a product or brand, and will search for something appealing more to their sense of desire. Website development leverages content, layout, and navigation to make the user experience is rich and rewarding, ending in more business for your company. Learn more about our small business Website Design & Development.


Step 2 – Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

As a site is being developed, we work to optimize the pages so they achieve the best attention from Search Engines, and thereby searchers. Once the website is developed, a balances strategy of Search Engine Marketing (SEM, also called PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the next step. Paid search marketing is leveraged to gain visibility immediately, while SEO is implemented to develop long-term organic visibility and keyword dominance. Learn more about our small business Internet Marketing services.


Step 3 – Social Media Marketing and Engagement (SMM)

After your website is launched, and is gaining visibility, the final step is to engage your target audience through Social Media Marketing and Engagement. Many small businesses fail to see how time spent here, which is the largest expense to SMM, improves their bottom line. Training on proper engagement, as well as development of optimized profiles and social strategies is where many entrepreneurs feel the need for assistance. Learn more about our small business Social Media Marketing services.


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Advanced Website Design

OpenSource CMS

OpenSource CMS reduces cost while giving small businesses power over their sites.OpenSource CMS tools give small businesses the ability to easily maintain their own website and are highly recommended.


Search Engine Optimization

Web Positioning

Search Engine Optimization gives small business an edge over competition in search engine visibility.Once a website is launched, Holistic Visibility partners with small businesses to achieve better positioning in Search Engines through SEO.


Social Media Marketing

Engagement Power

Social Media Marketing allows small businesses to more effectively engage their markets.Holistic Visibility's clients leverage Social Media and the power of engagement to build strong relationships and a lasting business.


Holistic Visibility proudly provides Internet Marketing, Web Design, SEM, SEO and Social Media Marketing for small and medium businesses in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and across the United States.